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  1. White-List apply form 1. The name of your MC account lonemaster 2. How old are you? 18 3. Where do you live? Cali 4. What can you bring to the server? Maturity, fun, experience 5. Tell us briefly about yourself I'm a recent highschool grad, and I'm going into the Navy in the Fall 6. Do you accept the rules? Yeah sure 7. Why do you want to apply? The server I was on had to shut down for a while 8. Extra details or questions? I'm bored.
  2. Your In Game Name lonemaster Your age 18 Where you are from California, USA Something about you (optional) Going into the Navy soon, I enjoy playing Minecraft, specifically Tekkit Why you want to join the server (optional) I have always played Tekkit a bit, but never on a server. ALSO, I tried to sign up on your website forums and it kept telling me: invalid domain for the email address field.
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