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  1. Yeah my Java is 64-bit and I haven't changed any of my computer since I built it. I haven't had any issues with it. A list of errors (Iike I mentioned in the OP, I have read up on these errors and they seem entierly random):
  2. Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I've already tried all of that but I did it again anyway, but to no avail.
  3. Hi, I have set up a new tekkit server for me and some friends. It was purchased from a minecraft server provider. All my friends (6 or so accounts) have been able to join the server and have had no issue with it. However, whenever I attempt to connect I am unable and I'm faced with several, random errors. I say random as I have searched what they mean and they seem irrelevant. I asked my server provider for assistance, thought their help desk, but they hae been unable to assist me. I'll drop all the data I provided him with here and hopefully someone can help! **Random errors: -Bad
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