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  1. I am sooo sorry for taking up your time. I checked and it works. Im so sorry for confusing everyone! Thank you for the mod pack, and I hope everyone else will be grateful for your help!
  2. Im lost, Sorry for being such a pain . I have played version where the Minium stone works...
  3. Ok, i was not very clear I mean if you try the version of the modpack you made for me, with EE3 in it, you will see some of the items are WIP. So they cant be used. I want the version where they can be used
  4. I tried to use the minium stone... the WIP one and it didnt do a thing
  5. Sorry for being a pain, the problem is that in the version of the modpack you have made, yes EE3 is there, but its the version where lots of the items are WIP. I have played a modpack with EE3 before where all of the items are working.
  6. Im sure it is? Not the one with EMC, the one with minium stone, which Im sure is EE3. But in some versions it says "WIP" and others it doesnt.
  7. Well, Im not human then, cus I have made the greatest mistake ever... I was suppose to make it 1.4.7 because thats when EE3 actually works... This is my fault completly for not saying it in the original post. If you are not busy, and feel like helping a complete idiot, could it be converted to 1.4.7? If not dont worry about it, and sorry
  8. I feel like such a idiot. Thank you! Seriously, thanks
  9. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/91827813/GuardPack-1.0.zip http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/for-me-only-opguard.371662
  10. I feel Like such a noob I uploaded to dropbox Got the link Set up TECHNIC account Added modpack Opened Technic Add modpack Downloads Then just opens the luancher again and doesnt run pack? Any ideas why?
  11. Wow, that was quick! Thank you very much! Really do appreciate it!
  12. Hello If your not too busy, I would greatly appreciate this smallish mod-pack making please. VERSION = 1.6 Mods: Forge Optifine EE3 - http://www.minecraftings.com/equivalent-exchange-mod/ Inventory Tweeks - http://www.minecraftings.com/inventory-tweaks-mod/ Damage Indecators - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1536685-172164forge-hit-splat-damage-indicators-v311-rpg-ui-and-damage-amount-mod/ Treecapitator - http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/132125-daftpvfs-treecapitator/ Animated Players - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1768057-172aesthetic-animated-player-rounded-curves-v141/ Thank you for your time
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