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  1. IGN) wolfleaf Age) 14 Location) USA How long have you been playing Minecraft) Since the official release of Minecraft (1.0) What keeps you playing Minecraft?) The main reason I like to play Minecraft is because I love building. I like love how you, over time, change the harsh world of Minecraftia into a utopia where you can do whatever you want. I also love playing with other players as other players give me more reason to work towards my goal, and make it easier to get there (I also try to make it easier for other players as well.)
  2. DO NOT PLAY ON THIS SERVER!!! The people are rude, everyone griefs, everyone steals (And when they say not crazy stealing they actually mean they can take everything thing you own), and the admin breaks his own rules. This server is an awful, un-happy environment that I have spent trying to be happy on but it never works. DO NOT JOIN!!!
  3. Username: Wolfleaf Age (Please don't lie even though I have no way to find out): 14 Any previous bans and why: None What you are going to contribute: I am going to help others, be friendly, and try to make everyone have a great time on the server. Any additional things you think I should know: I can't think of anything important, might edit the post if I think of something though.
  4. Username: wolfleaf Location: California, USA Age: 14 Tekkit Classic Experience: I know all the basic and most of the advanced stuff... but don't know things like breeding plants and coffee from ic2 Additional comments: Tekkit Classic is my favorite mod pack. I have been looking for a good server to play with people for a long time but since Tekkit Classic is becoming less popular, I can't find very many good servers. This server seems very professional and seems to have a nice owner.
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