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  1. Go to this website to get white listed http://classicindustries.enjin.com/
  2. Go to http://www.classicindustries.enjin.com/home to get whitelisted. other than that you can't get whitelisted. You have to have a enjin account and must have your minecraft character synced with your enjin account and if you apply here you are just wasting your time.
  3. As I said before go to http://classicindustries.enjin.com/home and apply there
  4. Thank you very much but I can't be on till June 10 because my computer broke and will be done fixing on June 10
  5. 1. The name of your MC account? Yazankhasawneh9 2. How old are you? 11 3. Where do you live? Ottawa,Canada 4. What can you bring to the server? I am a really nice person who likes to help out people. I may be a little young but I am really responsible and mature. 5. Tell us briefly about yourself? I am a really mature and responsible and mature. I am very kind and looking for a small COMUNITY to play on. 6. Do you accept the rules? Yes 7. Why do you want to apply? I am looking for a nice small comunity I can join so I can play with people and have fun. 8. Extra details or questions? No
  6. VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO APPLY FOR WHITELIST WEBSITE: http://classicindustries.enjin.com/home Tekkit Classic for any and all! Not only do we provide an environment with minimal restrictions for the creation of the biggest factories, but also completely separate worlds for you to compete with others and conquer all. Join us and our friendly staff, its just an application away! Main World: Non-PvP, minimal restriction, factions. Unleash your creativity! PvP: Greifing, PvP, ALL EXPLOSIVES!, no EMC! Up to the challenge? Eskar: Towny, friendly, no EMC. Build or join a great community! In all our worlds we aim to maintain a great community feel and develop our server according to what our players want. We are always working to improve! WEBSITE: http://classicindustries.enjin.com/home
  7. Server closed check out this server I am in and if you gain the owners trust he may make you staff ( this is a whitelist server here's the link to their website just go to the forums and apply there to get whitelisted it's the best server ever you just have to join for a day or two and then you will realize how awesome the server is. Link for website: http://classicindustries.enjin.com/home
  8. IGN (minecraft name): Yazankhasawneh9 Age: 11 Experience: I have been playing Tekkit classic and Minecraft for over 3 years now and I know pretty much everything except some things in computer craft and rail craft. Why should we accept you?: I am really mature, I will help anyone who is new to the server, I can advertise the server for you if you want me too and I am an awesome player who would like to play with nice players.
  9. 1. What is your Minecraft name? Yazankhasawneh9 2. How old are you? 11 3. Previous tekkit exp.? I have been playing for over 3 years now and I have been a owner of a server once. I know pretty much everything except some things in rail craft and computer craft. 4. Why do you wan't to join?I am looking for a nice server with great staff and has no griefing/stealing and PVP 5. What can you bring to the server? I can advertise the server for you and I am nice, I will help people who are new to the server. 6. What is my name? Yazan ( preferred to be called Yaz) 7. Anything you wan't to tell about yourself? I am really mature, I never swear in servers. I have never been banned or kicked from a server before. 8. Your location and timezone in GMT: Canada,Ottawa ( I don't know what the time zone is) 9. Tell us shortly about yourself: I love playing minecraft, tekkit with nice people and I am happy to help anyone who needs help on the server. 10. Do you agree the rules? Sure do, Yes
  10. IGN:Yazankhasawneh9 Real name(Optional): Yazan ( preferred to be called Yaz) Age:11 Rate your Tekkit Knowledge 1-10: 9 Explain your rating: I have been playing Tekkit classic for over 3 years now and I know everything exept a couple of things in rail craft. Why would you like to join our community in particular?I am looking for a nice server that has nice staff and has no grieving/stealing. What could you bring to our community:I can advertise your server on YouTube Instagram Facebook and Twitter and almost everyone in my school loves Tekkit so I can tell them to come and apply here. Any thoughts on the perks mentioned above?i am not sure what this question means. But if it means do you have any thoughts about the plugins or banned blocks I would say no everything is perfect. Other thoughts:no
  11. What is your in game name? Yazankhasawneh9 How old are you? 11 What Time Zone are you in? Canada ( I do not know what the time zone is) How many bans do you have on record? 0 If you have bans on record,why were they issued? What is your Tekkit experience? I have played on lots of servers ( mostly small ones) and I have owned a server for a year. I have been playing Tekkit Classic for over 3 years now. Why are you interested in joining SiliTekkit? I am looking for a nice server whith good staff and has no grieving/stealing and PVP. Do you know anyone currently playing on this server? No If you know people currently playing on this server, what are their Game Names?
  12. YazaCraft is a small nice community .There is NO stealing or griefing. Ifyou don't obey the rules you are BANNED. We are looking for nice players only. We offer you the experience of a normal single player world and the experience of an awesome server!! We currently are looking for lots of staff so apply in the server for staff. Remember talk to the owner (Yazankhasawneh9) if you want to apply for staff. For your whitelist application you will need to awnser these: Minecraft Username: Location: Age: Tekkit Classic Experience: Additional Comments: That's all!! There are no banned items and we hope you join soon. IP Address:
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