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  1. Hey guys, I just have a quick question for you. I'm not the biggest fan of this new launcher, but it's alright. However it's not working for me at all. I've installed Tekkit Classic an Tekkit (New). Neither of them work. Classic loads up but it's the wrong version. It asks if I want to update but it gives me a weird error. Tekkit (New) doesn't even load up at all. The launcher closes as if it were going to launch the game but then the launcher immediately relaunches. I have Windows 8 64 Bit and Java 8 64 Bit. I'm a huge fan of Tekkit and would just like to play it like I used to. Thank You
  2. Ingame Name:iSlayzz Age: 16 Tekkit Experience (Yes, No): Yes Amount Played (If Yes): 8 months Tell us why you would like to play on our server (Multiple Sentences Please): I would like to join because it looks very organized and well thought out. It also seems very fun and revolves around the players themselves. And lastly, I wish to help any server that I join and wish to help anyone and everyone on them. Previous Bans: I have no previous bans.
  3. Your In Game Name: iSlayzz Your Age: 18 How often are you planning on playing: 2-3 Hours a day For experienced players, the structure you are most proud of building: I once built a humongous castle with uber detail and i think it was 200x250 For new players, what are you hoping to achieve on Verve: For everyone, why do you think Verve is the server for you: It seems extremely organized and well thought out. It also seems like a place where everyone can have fun. Additional Comments: I wish to say that if help is ever needed for coding, staffing, or just plain anything I'f be glad to help for a have quite a bit of experience under my belt.
  4. - In Game Name: iSlayzz - Age: 16 - What do you want to build on Copper Craft? I nice factory and maybe a great town for all players to join with ease - Tekkit experience? - not necessary - About 8 months - Anything you wish to add? If staff is ever needed or just plain help illbe there for I have quite a lot of experience
  5. IN GAME NAME: iSlayzz AGE: 16 TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: I love to help people, I love to build, and i have a lot of experience wiith servers and being staff. So if help is ever needed, don't be afraid to shout. TIMEZONE: EST EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY: No TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: About 8 months, maybe a bit more
  6. This server is by far one of the best I've ever played on. It's so organized and so well though out. The staff is great and friendly and the website is wonderful. If you haven't already, go fill out and application form and come on the server! What're you waiting for?!
  7. AGE:- 16 IGN:- iSlayzz Minecraft/Tekkit experience:- Been playing for about 8 months, love tekkit, and know almost all there is to know about it. Extra information is always appreciated:- I've played on a lot of other servers and have made staff on quite a few of them, so i do know a lot of commands. I love to build and help people out and wish to see that everyone on this server gets the best out of their gaming experience. I also have a little bit of experience with java coding.
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