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    Duplicate files

    Finally found it. If anyone else has a problem finding the folder try: >>>opening up your tecnic pack like your going to play and then click on settings button underneath its icon and click open folder.<<< Its so easy I overlooked it XD If you saved yours in default and want to reach it the hard way you can probably reach it by: 1. Open terminal command and copy/paste this in the comand prompt: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES or if you have an older version OS then defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE 2. With Terminal still open type: killall Finder 3. use the shortcut SHIFT+⌘+C to open the My Computer files 4. click on (your harddrive) > Users > (Your User File) > Library (this file will be hidden if you did not do step 1) > application support > technic from here you can access all your various modpacks etc... When you are done if you want to make your hidden files hidden again type defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles NO or defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles False (whichever one coresponds with the one you entered in step 1) and your DONE! congradulations go have icecream to celebrate.
  2. Litppunk

    Duplicate files

    Ok so I am going to start with I have a MAC, which matters because I belive this to be a filing issue. I have a Mac becasue I can not stand windows 8. This is first REAL problem I have had with the change. That said lets move on to the problem About 2 weeks ago I downloaded a custom modpack (apoc tech and RPG) for a server and had fun and no problems. Today I went to log on and got a crash and message saying that basically every folder/ everything else was returning duplicates. After deleting everything I could find of tecnic and hidden files and then redownloading tecnic and modpack I still had the same problem I have searched .technic, %app, and anything else I could think to look under. All have come back with no results that I did not delete. I talked with one of the staff members and it does not sound like anyone else is having this problem. Any ideas/ solutions on where to go from here? Other than getting a new computer.
  3. 1st person to play on server? looks great everyone btw anyone looking to base up with someone let me know and well beta test the server like crazy be ready to swim when you spawn into sanc your close to land but don't walk out of the room for some reason only suggestions/ comlaints so far is that I think that people first spawning into world should start with a little food and a sword, love the rpg aspect and HP not sure where that came from but I like it everyone should come try this out, even though any connection problems where on my side (might have just been my mind messin with me) but I think I had less problems then I normally have with servers on this server. worlds are fresh don't think anyones been to resource yet get in here while the getting's good
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