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  1. Would you say Hexxit is in Alpha, Beta or already complete and just updating right now? I would enjoy to avoid world resets, so this info would be useful .
  2. I made the test with Superflat, but without the redstone ready preset, because I didn't know how to use it (I always play survival). The results are 40-55 FPS to both playing with and without the mods, so I guess the FPS drop in my survival world must be caused by something else. So, good news, the new mods can be added to Tekkit
  3. Yes, true, I know that . But after the FPS stabilizes, it has an average. This average is a little lower with the mods than without, or so it seems so far .
  4. Okay, no conflict message with Chisel, Mekanism and Open Blocks added. That's a good sign. Edit: The mods seem to work fine. I can see all the recipes with NEI, but since I made a new world, it will take a while until I can create them. The small problem I notice is a very tiny FPS drop.
  5. I think I will maybe restart after all, since its the simplest solution. But I hope I won't get too many conflicts in the long term. I will tell you if they work correctly after I test them a little.
  6. Actually what scared me is the fresh world thing. I like my current world, so I am reluctant to restart.
  7. Is there any incompatibility if I add Chisel, Open Blocks and Mekanism manually?
  8. A new Hexxit version! Awesome, thank you! I will play it once I move to the student house in a few weeks. About Thaumcraft: I've seen it added in several packs, like Resonant Rise for example. So maybe its possible to get permission to add it in Hexxit as well?
  9. I am also curious if Hexxit will get an update. It looks in some ways more fun than FTB Magic World 2, but its so sad that its not updated to the new mod versions, and it lacks some mods that seem to enhance adventuring, like Ars Magica 2, Witchery, and others like that.
  10. Interesting that the Tech World 2 is similar to Tekkit, but more focused on Farming. But betweeen the two, Tekkit seems the most well developed, using my untrained eyes. But still, what do you think about Hexxit vs Magic World 2? Also, I've discovered already the ATLauncher, but honestly, I don't like the packs...
  11. Yes, I meant Magic World 2, ofc . So, the Technic Launcher is relaunching? Then its best to wait for the update before starting to play Tekkit, and play a FTB game instead?
  12. Well, after spending a few hours comparing different modpacks, I see different advantages and disadvantages. Correct me if I'm wrong. If I want the most mod crowded install, the FTB Monster pack has it all. But I don't know how stable such a huge install can be. If I want a Magic based install, the most up to date mod pack is the FTB Magic World 2. Hexxit seems outdated, although it looks like it has more stuff fit for adventuring. But Magic World with one of the included Texture Packs and Biomes O Plenty looks awesome. I don't know which one of these is the most fun. If I want a T
  13. After I started watching direwolf's 20 videos, I noticed he has a mod pack, and that mod pack can be installed with the Feed the Beast Launcher. And this was the first time I heard of this launcher. Since I am very new to these launchers in general, can you please explain what are the main differences between the two? When I google searched this topic, I saw discussions comparing the two that are at least one year old, and so, out of date.
  14. Oh man, I used idFix when I created the new world . I guess I will start again without idfix...
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