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  1. Oh my god i'm so dumb,i was doing what you told but in an empty folder,not in my server folder... Thank you!
  2. I tried to install cauldron but I don't understand a thing about how,and why.Can you please,since that it seems that,when you get how to do it,it goes super fast,can you do it for me? If it is too much to ask,i'll try by myself but it really would help me...
  3. I Did!I put the cauldron file into the mods file,maybe it's the wrong way to install it?
  4. Hello! First I know what you're thinking : This problem is current!There is a pinned link about it just here : '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> ! Well,I installed cauldron and spigot on my server but it stays the same! I saw that cauldron can be installed in both client side and server, I just installed it in server because I can't figure out how to do it in client side.I still can join my server untill my friend joins. The crash logs seems to be the sames as everyone : If you want my server to check if everything is installed well,here you are :http
  5. Never mind,I found the problem
  6. Hey,again and again me,I tried to fix a lot of problems on my modpack but there is one I tried to fix but it failed,I saw on the crash logs that it is linked to thaumcraft 4 but I can't find the answer.. Can you tell me what is wrong with it? I know I have Id conflicts but I will fix that later,for now I'm focusing on thaumcraft 4. Sorry for bothering you again ^^
  7. Well,I think I've added everything,fixed everything but it keeps making the same error. (launcher disapears then reapears after a few seconds) I bothered you three times already,would you care for a forth? You know what they say : never three without four! (Wait,what?)
  8. No,I don't test It,I don't know how to x(.I fixed every thing you said besides this so,how can I "test" my modpack?
  9. Hey! I already posted on this forum to ask help for a custom modpack,but,since there were too much problems,I decided to go and make a new one,but,guess what?I'm having trouble with this one too x(! I don't think the problems are the same so, can you please help me? My modpack : http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/feed-the-steed For now,the main problem is that once I click play on the tecnhnic pack launcher,the launcher disapears and reapears after a few seconds. Help me please!
  10. Thanks a lot and sorry for bothering you!It seems that this list of things that are wrong in my modpack took you a while to do,thanks for the time you spared me!
  11. Hello,I started creating my own modpack recently and I put it into the technic launcher,I click on download,then the downloading percentage goes negative like -1563400% and an error says : Error downloading file for the following pack : FeedThePony Failed to download : https://www.dropbow.com/s/89z7td25n6ncsyt/FeedThePoney.zip Please consult the modpack author. Here are my logs [B#439] 2014/06/11 18:28:09 [INFOS] ------------------------------------------ [B#439] 2014/06/11 18:28:09 [INFOS] Technic Launcher is starting.... [B#439] 2014/06/11 18:28:09 [INFOS] Launcher Build: 439
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