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  1. 19 Uk my IGN is JAKELANCASTER I am part of a YouTube group just looking for a server i can record my LP's on till we sort our server
  2. IGN: JAKELANCASTER Age: 19 Timezone: London About You: i am an easy going guy, im part of a youtube channel called Gaming Garrison, i play a lot of minecraft and also make music. I love having a laugh and banter is my main trait Why you Want to Join: looking for a server i can join to record LP's for my youtube channel and no other servers are really any good What are you good at in this modpack: building and tech really i know my way around alot of the mods but if i dont it wont take long to work it out How often will you be on: everyday pretty much
  3. Minecraft name? JAKELANCASTER What country do you live in? UK Do you have Skype? jake_lancaster Do you upload to Youtube? Channel? Yes, https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingGarrison1 Age? 19 Acceptance of server rules? YAhh
  4. im sorry to say but as good as this server is, it is constantly down
  5. Age: 19 Gender: Male Time Zone: London Why would you like me to pick you rather than the rest of the people: Im looking for a decent server where i can record my Lets Plays that i am starting up and maybe get some other people involved in it What can you bring to this server... i.e... are you funny? Friendly?? im a friendly, easy going guy. i am currently apart of a gaming group on youtube called Gaming Garrison, we started about a week ago. i am also a pretty good builder and i know a fair amount about some of the Mods, so if anyone Required any help i can do that for them, but other tha
  6. Application: In-game name : JAKELANCASTER Age: 19 Fave color for starter kit: blue or black Timezone/Country: GMT +0/London
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