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  1. Haha Dummy, I'm from Belgium so the date is the same way it is here I'm sending you all a message with the IP
  2. Hi, I just started a new AOTB server and I'm looking for some players to play along on the server.. That makes it just so much more fun ofcourse :-) The only requirements to apply are being older than 16, preferably even older than 18.. It's a plain server install, without any additional mods or plugins so no one is protected from other players.. That's why I'll ban any player that tries to steal, grief, or destroy anyones property. So if you want to join, let me know and I might just send you the IP
  3. Minecraft Name: LeDwoazn Skype Name: / Age:22 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10):7 Favorite Mod: mine factory reloaded Do you plan to record? I don't think so. What do you like to do in Minecraft? Explore and build cool bases that try to automate as much as possible Why do you want to be in this server? I'm looking for a server with some kind people to play together with
  4. Age: 22 In Game Name: LeDwoazn Timezone: Belgium About you: My name is Thomas, I study computer science and I love me some minecraft Describe your Minecraft experience: Started playing minecraft in December 2012 and I love watching BdoubleO100 and some other youtubers playing AOTB. I have played AOTB for a few weeks now in a single player world but I'd like to play with some other players. Have you ever been banned? if yes why?-Doesn't mean you will be declined automatically: No Why pick this server from the rest of the servers on here: To be honest, I've applied at a few to get a quicker response How long can you be on Minecraft usually: Probably just a few hours a day. Whenever I can and feel like playing.
  5. - Position you're applying for? Moderator - How long have you played minecraft? B-team? I created my mojang account on 27 December, 2012 and I've played AOTB for a couple of weeks now in a single player world. - Age? 22 - Have you been staff before? I have rented a server for a couple of months for some friends at school. - How often will you come online? I like to play whenever I can, and that seems to be quite often. - Why do you deserve the position? I'm a kind and respecting player. I love to talk and to help whenever it's needed. - Anything else? If you're just looking for some nice players to have on your server, that would be great for me as well.
  6. IGN: LeDwoazn Why should be accepted? I'm a mature en respectful player who wants to play minecraft with some other people What mod do you plan to focus on? Minefactory, Project Red, .. What do you like to do in Minecraft? Building a cool base/city and just try to be creative.. Age: 22 Country: Belgium
  7. Application Age: 22 How often will you play? I love to play as much as I can.. Which usually is a few hours a day. Are you willing to play fair? That's exactly what I'm looking for in other players as well. Will you respect other players and their stuff/builds? I will, and I hope the other players will do the same IGN: LeDwoazn
  8. The problem is that the server crashes sometimes and that it doesn't reboot itself automatically...
  9. Name: Thomas Age: 22 In-game name: LeDwoazn Steam account: devosthomas How much do you know about the modpack: I've watched about every video of Bdouble0 and Pungence, but now I want to play it myself. Why should I pick you: I'm a friendly guy, always in for a laugh and eager to play AOTB Are you an adventurer/builder/crafter: I'm a mix of both Would you enjoy an in-game shop: I wouldn't mind
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