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  1. Thanks you really helped me! But I have to ask this: How are you supposed to know about this - on the comlete site is link or anything to this api.... or am I wrong? ---BMicraft
  2. Hello guys Today I was wondering if it is possible to update and/or edit my modpack using curl and it looked like it could work but I encountered a problem Here is a snippet of my script; Please take a look at it: curl --cookie out/cookies.txt --cookie-jar out/cookies.txt -d "username=myuser&password=mypass" --location --output ./out/response1.html http://www.technicpack.net/user/authenticate curl --cookie out/cookies.txt -d "pack-id=3824xx&name=mypackname&version=1.1&minecraft_version_id=21&is_hidden=1&url=http://dl.xxxxxxx.com/modpacks/xxxxxx-xxx/1-7-2.zip&short_description=...nothing here...&force_directory=1" --location --output ./out/response2.html www.technicpack.net/modpack/edit_pack technicpack.net/modpack/edit_pack Of course I edited the posted script here so nobody can get my login data :-P So here is my problem: The file out/response1.html has a save of my dashboard (technicpack.net/dashboard) The file out/response2.html has a save of the "home" page in it. If the login failed I would get an 503 (or similar) error so it must work but the pack does just not update If I enter (after I am logged in)... www.technicpack.net/modpack/edit_pack?"pack-id=3824xx&name=mypackname&version=1.1&minecraft_version_id=21&is_hidden=1&url=http://dl.xxxxxxx.com/modpacks/xxxxxx-xxx/1-7-2.zip&short_description=...nothing here...&force_directory=1" ... into my browser I would get exactly the same result so I came to the conclusion that something with the parameters has to be wrong but I can't find the problem. Or is there a better solution for doing that (like a "secret" api)? (The only thing I want to be able to do is automatically increase the version number to make the client update the installation!) If you have any tips for me I highly appreciate them. Thanks in advance! ---BMicraft
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