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  1. Its for my server, I'm making an area that people are not supposed to go so I am setting up a lot of auto turrets to encourage them to keep out. So the Voltz battery is a bug? The energy cell works so I don't need the battery anymore. Thanks for the help.
  2. Sword of the Stars 2: Buggy as hell, but when it works its the best space strategy game I've ever played.
  3. Vaas from Far Cry 3. You have to play it just too see how bad he really is. Definitely Insane.
  4. I want to make infinite batteries from the galacticraft mod work with machines (mainly auto turrets) from ICBM in my modpack, just like it does in the Voltz modpack. How do I do this? Here is the like to my modpack if it is needed: http://www.technicpa...it-teamz.385891
  5. I was just helped with a similar problem, mine turned out to be an error with Mr. crayfish's furniture mod. Removing that mod from the server fixed the problem. If that's not it posting a crash report will help. Alternative: I also have 8GB of RAM and I've found that allocating 4-6GB to the server makes it work best and you can still have other programs running in the background.
  6. It's been working for a few days now so I will mark this as answered. Thank you both for the help.
  7. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/tekxit-teamz.385891 Here's the modpack, will go try it without the furniture mod and I'll get back to you guys on how it works. Edit: Removing the furniture mod seemed to have worked. It might only be a temporary fix, but right now it looks like everything is working how it should be.
  8. Do you know what mod the client only mod is and how to fix the Forge API? If you need any other information I can try to give you it.
  9. I've been running this server for only 2 days, they were going smoothly until just a few minutes ago...I logged into the server world and after about 10 seconds I was kicked out and the message [sEVERE] server has reached end of stream ip address. Now no one can log into the server because of this. Here is a crash report: https://copy.com/b894MPKXhUY2
  10. I'm getting messages saying that all modpacks are offline and cannot be played.
  11. Alright, that's everything I need, thanks for all your help!
  12. Looks like that did it Thank you all for your help! I do have one more question for you guys. How do I update the modpack without having to delete it and reinstall it? I'm hosting it on copy.com if that helps any.
  13. I have that in the modpack, but it did not work.
  14. Yes, that's the exact copy. Do you know how to do id configs? I would guess that that is the next option. Actually just got a random thought after I posted that. Are you extracting the files from the archive into a folder or just leaving them in the archive? As for the ruins mod, it says that it is in and active, but it is not spawning any ruins. I'm not sure what to do with that.
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