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  1. Still here guys, but I've been unable to connect all of today and yesterday.
  2. Don't want to sound mean. But IGN means In Game Name, and you forgot the 2nd to last question .
  3. What is the old version? None of the ones I've tried seem to work...
  4. Application: IGN: pwnage_potato590 Location: USA, Florida Age:13 Skype: Mind if I give it to you if I get accepted? Why you want to join: Want a nice, small friendly server. Tired of massive servers with 90+ players where you can barely talk in chat. How experienced are you at the mods: I'd say about 7/10 What mod are you best at: Witchery, Sync, Thermal Expansion, Galacticraft, I'm ok at Project Red so I'd give myself a 5/10 on that.
  5. Has anyone been accepted? I just want to know so I can tell if I hadn't made it, don't want to keep on checking for no reason at all.
  6. IGN: pwnage_potato590 Age: 13 Timezone: EST About You: Type of guy who loves to mess with people and prank them, but never takes it to far. Why you Want to Join: Tired of massive server where they are poorly managed and full of "trollers" and "hackers". What are you good at in this modpack: Witchery, necromany, sync. How often will you be on: About 3-4 hours during the summer, maybe 5 hours some days.
  7. IGN: pwnage_potato590 First Name: Harrison Skype: harrison.s7 Age: 13 What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Witchery, Necromancy, Thermal Expansion, Tropicraft, and Secret Rooms Most importantly write a paragraph: Not sure if its supposed to be a paragraph about cheese or about you with the word cheese slipped in a couple of times, I think its the latter however but please tell me if its not so I can change it. Anyway, just like most people on here I'm tired of the crappy servers. Recently I was accepted on a different whitelisted server and the owner (who must have had cheese for brains) had multiple chunk loaders and an insane amount of mob spawners. The result was that the server was laggy, and no new mobs would spawn. Me and the other players had enough so we left, now I'm stuck looking for servers again. This server looks to be exactly what I want, a server where I don't need to worry. I enjoy trusting people, but its hard when you have cheese-headed kids griefing and "trolling" to make themselves laugh. I want to be able to log off the server without worrying about someone ruining my house. This server looks perfect: some sort of staff to keep order, but no one in a higher tier than the rest.
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