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  1. Age: 15 In Game Name: cliggy93 Timezone: GMT (Ireland) About you: Im a good asset to any server. My last server recently broke up due to school exams so i need a new server to play on Describe your Minecraft experience: I love MInecraft but vanilla has gotten a bit boring i need something new and AOTBT is that Have you ever been banned? if yes why?-Doesn't mean you will be declined automatically: Nope Why pick this server from the rest of the servers on here: A lot of people submitting so theres a good chance there will be a continuous flow of people on the server How long can you b
  2. IGN: cliggy93 Why I should be accepted?: Im a fun, mature minecrafter who justs want a server that can stay up for a good while What mods?: Tinkers construct, thermal expansion, project red etc. (I plan to get into the magic mods) What do i do in minecraft?: Make cool redstoney things, build and mine Age: 15 Country: Ireland (GMT)
  3. Age: 15 IGN: cliggy93 Skype: cliggyy How often on server: I'll try to be on everyday if not then every second day Willing to play fair?: Always a big one for me Respect players and builds?: I have an anti-griefing policy I might do occasional pranks like on the Mindcrack server Hope you can accept me
  4. IGN: cliggy93 Age: 15 Timezone: GMT (Live in Ireland) About: Im an enthusiastic Irish Minecrafter Good at: Galacticraft, Minefactory Reloaded, Tinkers Construct and Thermal Expansion (I plan on learning witchery and such mods) How often: Every second day if not every day. I hope you accept my application
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