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  1. Hehe I made the profile picture myself :D

    1. poryy


      What... Is it?

    2. poryy


      ARE YOU MY CAT? Bella is my cat's name, and she is shaped like a walrus.

  2. IGN: WalrusGirl_ age: 12 Country: US Why Total Attack?: I have been looking for a private server to go on for Attack of the B Team because public servers just don't satisfy me, with the less personal feel of it and fear of being griefed all the time. Would I find your name on MCBANS? If so, why?: No, because I have never gotten banned from a server. On top of that, I haven't even heard of MCBANS before this DO I agree to the rules above? Yes! I love these rules! Thank you so much for setting them! Skype: uclaunicorn I really do hope you add me to your community, I think I would be a gr
  3. IGN: WalrusGirl_ Skype: uclaunicorn Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time, Southern California)
  4. IGN: WalrusGirl_ Skype: uclaunicorn Age: 12 Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time, Southern California) About me: So I have been playing minecraft ever since I had heard about it from one of my best friends, and after watching Chimneyswift11's gameplay of Attack of the B-Team I was quickly interested and got the modpack myself. I have been playing on public servers mostly, but I soon disliked it as there was too many players at a time and it was hard to fully enjoy the mod pack from fear of griefers, cheating, and unfair PvP. I would really enjoy being a part of a private server to make
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