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  1. IGN: Tminson Age: Currently 33 years young I have little experience with attack of the b team. but I learn very quickly cheating and stealing is a bannable offense I do not have Skype. tough to Skype with 2 kids always yelling lol yes I will listen to any rules given Timezone: EST Astarte<3
  2. IGN: Tminson Age: 33 Favorite Color: Black Timezone/Country: EST USA
  3. Age: 33 In Game Name: Tminson Timezone: EST About you: father of 2 just looking for a multiplayer bteam server to enjoy Describe your minecraft experience: overall been nice few rough servers with rude people and hackers. Have you ever been banned: no Why pick this server from the rest of the servers on here: server seems to be the most likely to thrive. How long can you be on minecraft usually: everyday most days I can put in about 5-8 hours
  4. IGN: Tminson Age: 33 Timezone: EST About you: im a easygoing guy love to play multiplayer games Why you Want to Join: looking to learn this mudpack with some easygoing players. What are you good at in this mudpack: only dabbled in Galacticraft How often will you be on: preety much everyday
  5. Age: 33 IGN: Tminson Skype: N/A YouTube Channel: N/A How often will you play on the server? : Mostly every day Are you willing to play fair? : Absolutely nothing I hate more then cheats and hacks and greifing Will you respect other players and there builds? : Yes. just looking for a good community to learn and play the modpack
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