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  1. I'm done here, hopefully the server issues get fixed and you have a good day and a good life.
  2. IGN - AgrealSlade First Name - Jacob Skype - Vivideep (look for the fox with the umbrella picture) Age - 21 What do you enjoy doing in AotBT - Building, making machination contraptions, exploring the mod, the occasional prank. Most importantly write a paragraph - Not much to say about me, a jack of all trades that like to see how mods work with making different kinds of bases and buildings. I do enjoy playing this game with others, when the cheese ball headed owners can keep the server from being a three ring *bleep* *bleep* in a tent with *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* on a screw ball *bleep* *
  3. Okay, so noticing lag issues, lack of mobs of any kind which is bothering me, and the server connection being cut in the middle of play. What exactly is the situation with the server?
  4. IP address works, just a couple of questions. Is there a spawn town or area or are we suppose to just move from spawn to build. And is there a name for the server?
  5. In-game Name - AgrealSlade Age - 21 Why do you want to play on this server? - I enjoy minecraft and decided that I want to play modded and do a series on it since the summer is here. This server looked the best in giving a chance to try out this mod pack and I got a gut feeling it would be a good place to record the series. What do you like to do? - I'm what you call a jack of all trades, I like to build, mine, tinker with mods and ideas, test ideas out, and just have fun in general. What don't you like to do? - To me, there is a fine line between pranking and griefing. If it takes me hour
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