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  1. Hello,

    i have a question about the update you should do to let the supplier pipes work

    I am playing on my own server and if i update my client can i still join my server ?

    thanks already

  2. Here is an update from my previous post We are currently waiting on someone that's going to host the server 24/7 i have found that person but he isn't online that much we are probably going to make a server with multiverse so everybody can do what he wants Everybody thanx for the replies i am adding everybody on skype
  3. we probably have he server so join us if you want
  4. Hello everybody i am tereuraanslag1 My idea was to just make a factory with a lot of machines and automated things in it. I want to use Tekkit because it's the thing i play a lot So if you wanna join just answer these questions whats your real name ? In game name ? Skype name ? Can you host a server ? What do you wanne build ? Wich mods do you know well ? are we going to do this in survival or creative ? Let me know if you are dutch
  5. i can help you if you gan give me the ip adress i have a lot of knowledge in these things