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  1. IGN: lukem_ Age:15 timezone: GMT About you: I'm helpfull freindly and love small community gaming Why you Want to join: I hate big servers with loads of people who greif and pvp and i want a server where i can make some freinds and possible make a few videos What are you good at in this modpack: carpenters mod furniture mod and an OK understanding of the rest How often will you be on: every day (if i can) and for 1 to 3 hours Hope you pick me have a nice day
  2. In-game name: lukem_ Age: 15 Why do you want to join this server: it sounds really friendly and I've been looking for a server whit a small community to make freinds and possibly making videos whit a few people. What DO you like: building basses making machines and helping others What DONT you like: PVP and greifing Expeirience whit modpack: 8/10 ( eager to learn more) What is your favourite ainme character: sorry dont really watch it. If you found 100 dollars on the floor, what would you do whit it?: I would donate it to Madra ( an irish charity that saves dogs) I hope you choo
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