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  1. 1. The name of your MC account: ynotdat 2. How old are you?: 13 3. Where do you live?: US (EST) 4. What can you bring to the server?: lots of EE goodness 5. Tell us briefly about yourself: I'm mature for my age (Diagnosed with fast brain growth) And I love to play MC/TC! 6. Do you accept the rules? I have no problem accepting these rules. 7. Why do you want to apply? I'm looking for a tekkit classic server that i don't have to worry about someone destroying my stuff getting stolen, griefed, blown up, etc. 8. Extra details or questions: I'm very good with EE and can make multiple dark matter in 5 minutes without an EMC farm
  2. This is a private "vanilla" tekkit classic server, nothing more. I and my 2 friends are looking to fill up our servers space with more buildings There are no banned items, as vanilla would emply. After 3 warnings you will be banned! Rules: 1. Don't grief, if caught griefing, you will be banned (if you're not caught griefing, everyone except my 2 friends and I will be banned) 2. Don't raid (steal from other players). this kinda falls under don't grief, but i knew someone would raid someone else and then say that there was no rule against it. raiding will result in a ban 3. Don't ask for OP. Nobody on the server has OP, and nobody ever will. asking will result in a ban 4. Unless somebody asks, don't tell them what to do or how to do it. doing so will result in a warning 5.If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks, I will PM you. if you do not respond within 4 days I will ban you 6. Try to have fun! Self explanatory. Server App: IGN: Age: Timezone Tekkit classic experience: Creativeness Level: [bad, mild, good, well, amazing] (this will not affect whether or not you are allowed in, I just would like to know.) Why you would like to join: IP:
  3. name: ynotdat age: 13 (I'm more mature than you would think) why you want to join: I would like to join for the reason that i can't find any decent tekkit classic servers that don't have EE banned.
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