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  1. Did I really say That That!? Wow... What I meant was "Its not that" Sorry for the... That xD Hope to see you on the server! Looks cool!
  2. Its that that Im inpatient, but would like to know if anyone has been given the Ip? I just want to know to see if it has to do with me not having Skype or my age. Just ruling out the possibilities, please don't see it the wrong way.
  3. I think the Owners are on/in a different timezone Give them a bit of time and maybe they will wake up/finish work/school/get on the computer and so on
  4. IGN: Emma7441 First Name: Cassandra (Cass Or Cassie is fine) Age: (I will tell you at the bottom ) Skye: I haz (??? Not to sure what that means... But I don't have Skype xD) What I enjoy doing in AotBT: I love to collect. To have 1 or 2 of everything. Like Dinosaurs, Mo' Creatures, Witchery Etc Paragraph: Now, my mind works differently. I may be young but I'm very Mature and have often been referred to as 16-23. I have never been in a White-listed server but I have been a Admin before (And a good one at that). My spelling... Well, it isn't so great and I do correct myself or say if I kno
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