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  1. Minecraft In-Game name? Krakaen Age? 25 What country do you live in? Canada Do you have/use Skype? yes Do you have/use Teamspeak? yes Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube? No If so, Channel/Stream Name? Do you enjoy building or just playing? Building, building and ... having fun Acceptance of server rules? I will follow the rules
  2. Hi, i'm looking for a nice community and a nice place to play, I am 26, my username is Krakaen and im from Canada ( I know, Poor me ) . I love to build and do redstone
  3. Username: Krakaen Age: 25 Skype (leave blank if you don't have it or you wish to keep private): jeff.massey.jm Why do you want to join? Really looking for a good community to play with
  4. Age: 25 IGN: Krakaen Skype: jeff.massey.jm Youtube Channel (If you have one): Not for now how often will you play on the server? 1-2 hours a day are you willing to play fair? I will play fair, I am not the kind of person to go and kill everyone i see or destroy builds
  5. Username: Krakaen Age: 25 Skype (need one to join): jeff.massey.jm Do Your Record?? Yes Or No: No How Much experience Do You Have With The ModPack?? 1-10: 8 Are You A Builder, redstoner, Explorer, or all of them: builder, redstoner Are You A Good Builer?? 1-10: 7 Are You Going to be Active??? Tell Me How Long/When you can/will come on: 1-2 hours a day, 5 days a week Will You ever Donate (Wont Affect Chances Of Getting Picked): Probably Will You Help The Community?: Of course i will, i love helping others, especially with redstone or concepts Why Should i pick you out of everyone else??: I am good at thinking and logic is my strong suit, i help people when i can and i really want to have a good community. Are you willing to help out with community builds?? I would love to help build the community projects, it would be amazing
  6. Hi, Currently looking for a friendly server I am 25, and love everything about Aotbt. My IGN is : Krakaen Would love to play with you guys
  7. IGN: Krakaen First Name: Jeff Skype: jeff.massey.jm Age: 24 What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I love building and creating automated machines. Most importantly write a paragraph: Once upon a time, I decided to join a server called CheeseFactory, none the less to say that it was really a cheesy server, there was an 'Abondance' of people that I could only describe as 'Munster'. This story sounds as amazing as 'Aragon' in the Lord of the Ring, but I 'aged' and the only thing I see now on this server is : 'Gammelost'... Still up to this day I am trying to find this 'Waterloo' in my 'Wigmore'... Why wont this work with wine and 'winnimere' world, what we want is worthless without 'Whitestone' and 'Woodside'! Alright! enough Cheese Talk! I hope you enjoyed my little story
  8. Hi 1. Ign: Krakaen 2. Age: 25 3. Skype (Helps us communicate) : I will give it, if accepted. 4. Experience with AotBT? Quite a bit, mainly playing because i need a challenge. 5. What mods are you going to focus on the most? I'll be playing on all mods but mostly anything automated, those are my specialty. 6. Do you have any projects in mind?(Be creative) Army base with self sufficient materials. 7. Would you add/remove any rules? Do you agree with all the rules? Yes I find the rules fair and they make absolute sense. I will follow the rules.
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