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  1. MC username:spartan_125 How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? lots How often do you plan on playing? lots Anything else we should know? not really, i just love playing and building with other people but i hate the big public servers.
  2. Minecraft Username:spartan_125 Skype (not necessary but preferred):felixxd1999 Why do you want to join?:I like smaller servers and this one sounds like a great server for tekkit lite. What aspects will you bring to the server?: ive been playing tekkit lite since it first came out so i can help with almost anything that someone would need help with. How often can you play and timezone: usually everyday but sometimes i get busy. Eastern daylight. I really hope for a speedy response as to im dying to play tekkit lite with other people again.
  3. Hi, I would like to join your server. I can also be a mod if you still need one. IGN: spartan_125 I have skype too, message me if you need it.
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