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  1. I just want to ask what mod is causing the huge are veins and te surface redstone and diamonds
  2. Hi, Thanks for your help, it made the modpack finnaly work. But I messed up again and I need your help. I had some lag spikes and I wanted to fix them, so I went into my mods folder and tried to delete some mods. But I think I accidentally deleted an important mod and I can't figure out which one I'm missing. Maybe you can't find the problem Here's the pack: Click! Thanks again,
  3. Hi plowmanplow, Thanks for your help, I solved a lot of issues for me. I still have 1 issue where I'm confused by. When i start my modpack now it actually starts minecraft now (yay) but i get greeted by this message: Link to photo I don't know how this error can occur, because for what I know, I haven't put any mods on a higher version than 1.6.4 here the link to the updated modpack: Click! Thanks in advance
  4. Hello everyone, I made a modpack a short while ago and I am encountering some difficulties. When i click play on the launcher to play my modpack, It first starts verifying some files, then the launcher closes and comes back up, without anything happening. i tried so much to fix this problem and I looked on so many other posts, but I can't find an answer. Here's my modpack: Click me! I maybe know what the problem is: config files. I've looked for tutorials for config files and I couldn't find any. Thanks in advance
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