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  1. Application: 1. In Game Name: FireVenom 2. Age: 14 3. Experience with AOTBT: I know the mods really well and I've played AOTBT a bit 4. Skype Name: daniel.gansen 5. Personality: I am a pretty calm, helpful and a really friendly person, I'm also pretty mature for my age 6. Good at Building?: Not "the best" but not terrible 7. Why should you be accepted?: I am a really friendly and helpful, I would also play quite a lot on the server and I've been looking for a nice small whitelisted AOTBT server with a cool community 8. Anything you would like to share about yourself(Optional): I have a YouTube channel which is just there, I have made videos in the past but deleted them 9. Favorite mod in the pack: Anything related to tech such as TE and also Tinkers Construct 10. Would you be interested in donating to help the server stay afloat(decision will not affect whitelist): I would but I don't have a credit card and/or PayPal. I, FireVenom, have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor.
  2. IGN: FireVenom Location: Estonia (although english isn't my mother language I can speek it very well) Age: 14 Skype: daniel.gansen Why you want to join: I want to play on a small, nice, friendly server whit a good community How experienced are you at the mods: I know pretty much all the mods mostly the technical mods What mod are you best at: I'd have to say TE,TK
  3. Real name: Daniel (Dan) Skype: daniel.gansen age: 14 Timezone: GMT +3 IGN: FireVenom
  4. IGN: FireVenom Age: 14 Timezone: GMT/UTC+3 About You: I'm a calm, friendly and helpful person Why you Want to Join: I want to play on an AotB server with a nice small community, with no griefing aand no pvp. What are you good at in this modpack: I have a good understanding of the mods, mostly the mods with machines How often will you be on: Probably every day for 2-5 hours
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