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  1. IGN: JackDylan1677 Age: 20 What makes you want to join this server? I love the Attack of the B-Team mod pack, but playing by myself is not appealing. I've always wanted to join a white listed server, but I could never find the right one. This one looks great though, new map, new people, and new overall enjoyment. What could you bring to the server? I play minecraft very frequently, and I know a lot about the AOTBT mods, so if anyone needs help, I'm the guy to call. Skype: as stated above, it will be given upon acceptance to this server :)
  2. Hello! My name is Dylan and I'm looking for a good, nice, and relitivly small attack of the b-team server! I would like to play on a white listed server because single player is boring, and i hate cheaters. Hopefully, I will be joining your server soon! Age= 18 IGN= JackDylan1677 Thanks! :)
  3. umm DiamondSeekers, I wasn't white listed, anyway you could fix that? IGN= JackDylan1677
  4. Age: 18 IGN: JackDylan1677 Skype: JackDylan1677 YouTube Channel (If you have one): Don't have one How often will you play on the server? Planning to play at least 2 hours a day Are you willing to play fair? I am more willing to play fair Hopefully I will be playing with you soon!
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