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  1. IGN: Aibyo AGE: 13 Why do you want to join?: Just to have a server where I can come hangout on build and enjoy the MP with others Skype: legolivey1 Country: canada What do you consider yourself best at in Minecraft (optional): Don't really think you can be best at something in minecraft tbh
  2. IGN: legolivey First Name: Kyle Skype: legolivey1 Age: 13 Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I would just like a server where I can come hangout on build and enjoy the mod pack with other people. Brb need to go cut the cheese.
  3. IGN: Legolivey Skype (will contact you with this if your accepted): legolivey1 Do you accept the rules?:Yes Age:13 Youtube: Legolivey/TheRealRevengeGaming Haven't made any videos in years How active you will be:More then 3 hrs a day Why should I pick you?: I'm really friendly I don't grief just want a fun server to build and play on and get to know people
  4. Hello, we are looking for a few more members about 4 to be exact to play Attack of the B team Mod Pack. We are just looking to have a good time in a survival fun friendly server. Application: IGN: Skype: Mic(Yes Or No): Why you want to join?: If we want you you will be added on skype given the IP and whitelisted! EDIT: I meant Attack of the B team sorry!!!!!!!!
  5. Username: legolivey Age (Please don't lie even though I have no way to find out): 13 even though I am 13 I am focused in what I do and willing to help others! Any previous bans and why: None What you are going to contribute: A helping hand and a friendly person Any additional things you think I should know: I like cats .__.
  6. Age: 13 IGN: Legolivey Skype: legolivey1 Youtube Channel (If you have one): legolivey how often will you play on the server? Quite a bit 4-6 hours or more a day are you willing to play fair? Of course
  7. Now tell me a little bit about you: I played minecraft for awhile then moved to League of Legends and have started playing Feed the Beast now. Age: (If younger than 20 please explain your personality type.): 13 Charismatic, Funny, and just a generally fun person Even if you don't want a younger person you could see how I work or give me a chance . Experience: (Like I said before, not very important.) Played this modpack for about a week. How often you'll be playing: Quite a bit I'm currently out of school. Where you are from: (Also doesn't matter much, but fun to know.) Canada, B.C. Skype: legolivey1 and last but not least, IGN: legolivey
  8. IGN: Legolivey Skype: legolivey1 Would you help others if help is needed?: Yeah I play on a single player right now and would love to join others and help ect!!!
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