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  1. oh also I run my own server right now too but It's just a small survival server (white-list) for me and my friends. I also run a forge server too but it's offline most of the time.
  2. Hi, I would like to apply for the position of Admin, I have played minecraft for a little over a year, I've played B-Team for about 2 months but I know haw to work most of the mods in it, 12, but don't worry I'm very muture, I have I've been a co-owner a admin and mod, I'll be online at least 3 hours a day unless I'm gone away from my house and computer, yes I know very well how to use world edit and world gaurd, I'm not quiet sure what you mean by "deserve" but I think that your server could benafit from someone with my knowlege (I do have experience with mcprohosting), yes I won'
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