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  1. 1. Age: My age is 15, almost 16. 2. My Goal: To make more friends, and to play with my friend TheticTea, and ofcourse, make fun! 3. Why: Because im a really friendly person wich can get up with everyone and im not one of those anoyying griefers, also i will stay loyal to everyone. 4. IGN: AcceZz PS: I did this on my Friends account, since mine was bugged, hope you understand. Thanks for having the time and patience to read this, Greetings, Glenn.
  2. hey im not whitelisted when i join it says you are not whitelisted? my IGN is iTzClassical
  3. 1. Your age: 15 2. what would be your goal on the server: to have fun on the server and to build a nice factory 3. why should we whitelist you?: because i want to play on a server that does not have griefers and because i like to play on smaller servers. 4. your IGN: iTzClassical
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