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  1. Member App Thingy IGN- PinkyTrinkit112 What I like about the server- There are multiple worlds and its a small community of people on the server. What i Dislike- Really I don't dislike much expect the land protection, which you have to pay for which is a little annoying at times... I have read and accepted the rules.
  2. Staff App Name- Trinity (Mc user is PinkyTrinkit112) Age- 13 Skype- No, is there any other way I could contact you? If not i can make a skype I have had little experience with being staff, I was once mod on a vanilla server for about a week but the server got closed. My current rank is Noble I want to be staff because I have been spending a little more time on the server lately and I want to help out. Also it seems there are hardly mods on (Because of time zones I assume) I know very few but I can look up some and learn them very easily!
  3. Here's my staff app Name: Trinity Age: 13 Skype: Someone can contact me and get that info but I do have a Skype Experience being staff: No, but I'm very trustworthy and hardworking Current Server Rank: Yeoman (Builder) Why do you want to be staff: So I can help out because I've noticed the mods don't really help out to much and I want to change that and give people the help they want. What staff/mod related plugins do you know: No to many but I can learn them pretty fast
  4. I want to apply for staff, is there anyway I could? Nvm, I found the app hehe
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