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  1. I am running a slightly modified AotBT server and it does not appear that the statues mod is working properly. Members can create the statue hammer and use it on a valid 2 high set of blocks. However, when they make their decisions in the GUI and then attempt to create the statue by pressing the "Sculpt!" button, nothing happens. The GUI just closes. Not even a message to the log in case of an error. All members have reported being able to make a statue using the hammer in their own respective single player worlds, however on the server both members and OPs are unable to make a statue. Am I missing a setting in a config file somewhere? The Statues.cfg only contains options for block IDs and the option for debug skins and the Autoutils.cfg is empty. It would be nice to figure out this issue, as my members are getting restless without the ability to make statues and I have been unable to find information on this topic, despite the fact I have seen people making statues in SMP worlds Thank you for your time.
  2. On the server that I am running, nobody is able to make statues with the statues mod. They can open the gui, but upon clicking the Sculpt! button, nothing happens. Does it not work in SMP? or is there a config option that I am missing somewhere?
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