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  1. I really want to build something and honestly I might try to build a Fallout Shelter or something similar. I think it'd be really cool and it'd sort of fit but regardless it'll end up becoming my base.
  2. Boomer I have no idea I tried the same thing XD just to test some of the stuff. Cart and I recently started to play legit XD lost sight of what we were doing and ended up having a gun fight XD
  3. ^ I believe you meant completed* but yes shop is right outside of the spawn building to the left glad to see some progress!
  4. Nice server, and a pretty epic mod! hopefully people come play with me so I'm not surviving alone!
  5. Yeah I would never do that what kind of person beats up a friend especially when they are guests in their home XDXDXDXD
  6. And it looks amazing, I might just have to ask sam to come on so he can make everything I build look like garbage Q.Q
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