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  1. AGE: 12 IGN: Scienceguy2002 MATURITY LEVEL: very mature for my age, do not mistake me for some little kid SKYPE: Garbonzo1344 WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: just to find a small community to play ATOB on!
  2. age: im 12, but do not mistake me for some giggling little kid. I do love little pranks but nothing that will be harmful. Im mellow, always thinking about things and love to laugh Experience: I have some experience with AOTB. I played Hexxit for a while so alot of the mode are familiar with me, But I still know lots about the big mods in this pack How often you'll be playing: 2-3 hours a day, depends Where are you from? USA IGN: Scienceguy2002 Skype: Garbonzo1344
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