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  1. IGN: Aliksup AGE: 13 WHY I'D LIKE TO PLAY: Because I can't find any good grief-free and fair server. So I found a nice white-listed one right here! Please let me in. I promise I will not swear, cheat (I have no idea how to do that anyways), grief, steal, kill or anything like that. I will always follow the rules and I will be honest. I want a small server WITHOUT annoying griefers. Thanks! I hope you'll let me in!
  2. Name: Alik Volkov *IGN: Aliksup *Age: 13 Description of yourself: I like Minecraft. I'm a quiet person, but I like friendship. (I watch MLP so I know a lot about friendship.)I'd consider myself friendly and nice. I really don't like it when people grief 'cause that's too much for me. I'm happy I finally found a quiet little server to play on. I really hope I can get on the white-list. I promise that I will never grief, steal, or break any rules. I promise I'll do everything well. I give things to players of they lost many things. I am very good at IC2 electricity as well. If I can record Y
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