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  1. That is currently set to false, we haven't changed it. Is that the value we want?
  2. We're pretty much default, as in we seeded with a new world and reset configs, so... you want to see specifically?
  3. Yeah we've had to manually move people out of problematic areas repeatedly now, and advise people to reduce exploration in general (which is totally lame). Taking the map offline and repairing it is infeasible with how frequently this has happened, one day it happened about 6 times. I'm looking for a permanent fix. The work-around is good to know, but doesn't work for us. Any more ideas?
  4. So also, we had to turn off necromancy as summoning a minion ALWAYS crashes a server and we cannot get that stable at all Any info, please?
  5. So an additional report. User reports that a chunk was generated in front of them, then suddenly it generated a second time with a building on it. It's a stone tower sort of building but does not seem to be related to battle towers. It then disconnected him identically to all the other crashes. Fortunately he talked to me about it and I was able to modify his coords before reconnecting so it didn't crash the server, but I believe if I had not forcefully changed his coordinates before reconnecting this would have crashed the server.
  6. Okay so I'm not sure if any more updates are going to happen for 1.6.4 past Hexxit 2.0.1c, but since the relevant thread for 2.0.1c is locked (for reasons I'm sure) I am posting here. The last like... 4 crashes we've had in the last week have been related to new chunk generation. People get into chunk areas that are problematic and... the server dies. Here is the starting java error we're seeing: 2014-10-18 13:57:14 [WARNING] Failed to handle packet for PLAYERNAME/(SERVERIPADDRESS): java.lang.NullPointerException java.lang.NullPointerException at net.minecraft.world.gen.struc
  7. Okay so I think maybe my question got lost. 1.2.10c, is this intended to be the last 1.6.4 release for Tekkit? What are the plans for 1.6.4 Tekkit, and is 1.2.10c final, or whatever? As I have mentioned a few times now, we want to update Galacticraft to fix a bug we are actually experiencing, and updating in piece-meal doesn't work for us. As such a change from say 1.2.9e to 1.2.10(something) we could handle, I'm just not sure if 1.2.10c is the last one for 1.6.4, etc. Please advise? Oh, and thanks for your help everyone.
  8. I'm not sure how that's relevant, since there are already permission declarations for opis, except the 1.2.2 and 1.2.1 version still requires that privilege list in it's config, which is lame :/ no other idea how to do this?
  9. Hey so for Opis, to get the run functions and stuff in the GUI I need to add a player to the "privileged" list in opis, but this isn't how I want to handle permissions, we organize permissions through "bukkit" permission style. Granting groups access to specific things. For now I can use the privileged thing, but do you know of another way to do it? Also, without OP'ing people.
  10. Oh okay, yeah it's probable that my crash was due to using MobiusCore 1.2.2 then. For now I'm going to stick to Opis 1.2.1 though as we have it working Thanks for that tidbit though
  11. Hey so I've tried reading through this thread but I'm a bit confused. Is 1.2.10c going to be the last build for 1.6.4? I'm waiting for the recommended build for 1.6.4 so we can update our things, as we want the newer version of galacticraft to fix some bugs we're having (rockets disappearing after crafting).
  12. As a point of interest, I tried using Opis and Mobius 1.2.2 for 1.6.4, and I was getting crashing on server init, but when I switched to 1.2.1 all seemed to be well. This is more for other people to read.
  13. That Opis + Mobius looks neat, I'm going to read more on it now, thanks!
  14. Oh turns out a force field was going berzerk, yet I couldn't determine this from timings or other methods :/
  15. Can you elaborate on that please?
  16. So I've been running tekkit for a handful of months, and we've had to troubleshoot performance many times. We've got a beastly system running it, and the last few days one of the cores is pinned by the primary java thread. Naturally our TPS has dropped to like 7. I check timings and nothing is shouting "fix me". I suspect an inefficient mod, but I am unsure how to isolated the cause. I'm using spigot, with tekkit 1.2.9e. How can I determine the cause? This started in the last 2-3 days, so I suspect someone built something nasty. Tips?
  17. So what about that galacticraft update that I requested? Can someone please address that? (end of page 1)
  18. My Tekkit server players are having issues with Galacticraft (we're on Tekkit 1.2.9e). The issue is fixed in build 1072/1076 ( https://github.com/micdoodle8/Galacticraft/issues/438 ). The issue causes immediate loss of rockets from inventory. As such, is there any particular reason build 1072/1076, or newer is not being considered/used for 1.2.10?
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