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  1. IGN- PhsycedelicPiggy Age-16 Why I want to join this server- I am very good at this modpack and I want to find a good server to play with others Skype-Mr.Baconbits What I would enjoy doing- Making items and helping others
  2. IGN:PhsycedelicPiggy Age:14 Location:Alberta, Canada Modpack experience: I've been playing this modpack for about a month and I'm quite new to mods alone. Why you?: I've been looking for a good, private server to play on with some Technic launcher modpack installed. Anything extra you want to add? Not really
  3. I was playing Attack of the B team, I quit the game and when I went back on, my main world was gone. I checked and I still have the save for it in a folder which doesn't make any sense. Has anyone else experienced this and if so can someone please tell me if there is a way to restore the world?
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