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  1. AGE: IGN: PolarisDeth MATURITY LEVEL: Pretty mature 9/10 SKYPE: heavymetaldavid WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN:Looking for a small community to play AOBT with, something similar to mindcrack as it beats playing alone
  2. IGN: PolarisDeth Age (Be truthful!): 15 What makes you want to join this server?: Looking for a small community similar to Mindcrack to play AOTBT with What could you bring to the server?: Love to build, I'm funny and mature even though I'm a bit lower than the required age, and I know the mods pretty well
  3. Age: 15 IGN: PolarisDeth Skype: heavymetaldavid Youtube Channel (If you have one):nope how often will you play on the server? couple hours a day are you willing to play fair? Yep, looking for a friendly community to play with
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