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  1. Age: I'm 18, I am a pretty chilled dude nothing really bothers me and i like to build when im on mc or on any other version of it Experience: not much experince i only started the other day joined a whitelisted server but no one is ever on so im looking for one with actual players How often you'll be playing: i'm on as often as i can be usually quite busy with work and seeing the lads Where you are from: im from the south of the UK Skype: Redjester19 and last but not least, IGN: redJester19
  2. im just wondering why there is like no one ever on the server i've been playing since you added me to the white list and i've only met one person while playing so far
  3. hi i would like to join the server, I'm mature and I'm 17 which i hope isn't a problem since i've been looking for a decent small server to play for a while, i haven't really played AOTB I've played a lot of vanilla Mc. IGN: redJester19 SKYPE: redjester19
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