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  1. I joined your server today to try it out and have generally good thoughts about it. Overall the server seems professionally made with the nice spawn layout and world edit. My only complaint would be the buildings at spawn could be a little better. I can actually help a lot with this since I've been building aesthetics in minecraft for two years now.
  2. That ModXx guy is completely right, he definitively is a little impatient but no normal person just removes someone because that person said "that took a while" obviously meaning nothing of it. Maybe you're not a bad owner but you sure as hell are the overly-sensitive annoying type and that's part of what a bad owner is. Also you still have this post as if its a tekkit lite server when it isn't, why don't you be a good owner and change that. And don't go around telling people how good of an owner your friends say you are, no one gives a damn, that's the type of thing you'll have to prove and frankly you ain't doing such a swell job at it.
  3. IGN: agent02 Age:16 Why I'd like to join: Simply looking for a small server with mature people to play with and have a good time.
  4. Name: You can call me Jay IGN: agent02 Age: 16 Description of myself: Well to put it simply I'm a pretty fun yet mature guy. I'm looking for a small server with mature people to build with and this looks like just the place. Experience: Honestly I don't have much experience with tekkit lite specifically but I do have much with tekkit classic so I am familiar with most of the mods. Have I ever griefed before: No, not that i can remember Skype: live:tlobaina
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