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  1. 1. hokeypokey_ty 2. tekkitMain. Fun to switch around a bit. I don't like big fancy servers so. 3. 15 in 3 weeks. 4. I will share privately. I also do not prefer people to contact me this way, would rather email. If skype is required fo you to inform me if I am whitelisted, just contact me via this website. I check everyday.
  2. Name: Tymias (Rest is private for now) but just Ty is fine. IGN: hokeypokey_ty Age: (I hope just because i am a couple years under that it doesn't mean i can't join. I am still very good at this mod pack and vanilla minecraft.) 14 Skype: (I prefer t/s if it is available.) hokeypokeyty I am unable to find a working Australian hosted server for me to join, and of course me being 14 I can't buy one myself. So i found myself viewing this webpage and thought, why not? I am making this application, knowing everything, like the fact that you are reading this even though you will say no I can't join. C ya in game. Hopefully.
  3. Skype: hokeypokeyty Age: 14 Mic: I have a LogitechG430 (Half decent) Knowledge: Amateur Gender: Male Name: Tymias (Pronounced Tie-My-Ass [Lols, I am serious]) Ign:hokeypokey_ty (Just hokey for a nickname) YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hokeypokeyty (Btw, I am working on some new channel art, and I am thinking on my profile pic. I hope thatjust because it looks dull it means you don't work with me.) Hope to see you in game!
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