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  1. Hello everyone. At the moment i used Cofh to make the ore spawn rates in my modpack a lot higher. This only applys to the vanilla ores and i would like to use it for mod ores as well. Think of ores from thaumcraft and IC2 for example. How do i do this. Thanks in advance
  2. Nevermind i figured it out with a little bit of puzeling. Thank you for the comment it really helped me on my way
  3. Where can i find this and how do i implent this on my own modpack? Sorry for beind a huge noob in this
  4. Hello to whomever is reading this. Yesterday i wanted to set up my first technic modpack but i ran into a few problems most of whom i could solve but one thing kept bugging me. I want to create ore generation the way it is in the Big Dig i tried different mods for it includig Cofh core but i couldnt figure out how to set it up. Can someone explain to me how to set it up? If i run into anny other problems i will post them in this forum as well.
  5. Thank you very much for the reaction i will fix all of this as soon as possible.
  6. I think forge MuliPart is the problem because when i launched it without i would at least get something of a screen. It said that i missed forge MultiPart so i downloaded it put it with al the other mods and now it does this. There is no crash report (i think) as it doesn't actually crash. Latest try at the modpack http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/rab397-test-pack.419402
  7. I dont know if this is the rightplace but i need help with my own custom mod pack. I am running it on minecraft 1.6.4 and something seems to go wrong with Forge MultiPart. Everytime i start the game it is fine until it reaches the mojang loading screen. Then the game quits and i am returned to the technic launcher. i hope annyone can help me. With kind regards
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