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  1. Age: Preferably 16+ ,,Experienced'' Voltz player (i'm a little rusty) Skype/TS3 not require but preferred. Don't have to be so mature just not a CoD squeaker. I'm 16, fairly experienced and i'll be on a lot.
  2. Ign: TheCraftenator Age: 16 Internet Speed: 3Mb/s (soon to be Fibre Optic speeds) 0.50 Mb/s Upload Do you have teamspeak? (Must have): I do, I use it for MMOs I play. Why are you interested in this server?: I like the unique nature of this server, also there are a low number of 'promising' Voltz servers left. Do you work well in teams?: Yep, I prefer to work in teams! As long as people give as much as I do. P.S, I'm from the UK but play a lot at all times.