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  1. Yeah need to watch that! now waypoints are crashing, starting to worry about my world.
  2. NBTExplorer not updating position - resolved, updating pos tag in wrong .dat file. [was editing *player*.dat instead of level.dat]
  3. There wasnt a village there when i discovered it? or am i missing something? Will keep trying tried 3 times initially and it wasnt happy but maybe now ive moved back to spawn it will have more luck regenerating when i head over there rather than being in the middle of the crashed chunks.
  4. thank you for putting together all this info! tried all the other steps but finally changing coords with NBT means i can continue playing my world, very happy now, thought id lost it completely. For reference here is my crash log One question - deleting the chunks in MCedit doesnt seem to have fixed the issue with that area, avoiding it is fine for now but is there a way i can resolve the issue there?
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