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  1. 1. In Game Name: HorseNanny 2. Age: wont say, but im a teenager (middle way teen) 3. Experience with AOTBT: none really. started playing yesterday, but i have watched a lot of AotBT 4. Skype Name: none 5. Personality: mature, caring, smart, always willing to help, happy go lucky :3 6. Good at Building?: moderately, i have a big imagination and thoughts, but i dont always get to TRY those thoughts... 7. Why should you be accepted?: Im mature, i follow rules, i like to have fun and i wont be too stingy, but if something happens or you get on my bad side i might snap at you. 8. An
  2. Age: i have a college level education but i am in high school (not publically saying how old i am ) but my birthday is in a few days! IGN: HorseNanny Skype: Youtube Channel (If you have one): just my gmail, Cinder Blaze how often will you play on the server? a lot! but i have school so not everyday are you willing to play fair? totally! of course! I am an honorable player who has played on many other servers, but this will be my first AotBT server
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