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  1. minecraft name: isolatedvirusage: 28how long you are playing tekkit, and what your qaulities are in tekkit: Many.why you want to join this server: I'm looking for a mature server where I can play with others and just enjoy the game without having to worry about griefing.
  2. Username: isolatedvirus Age: 27 Why Tekkitopia? I'm looking for a mature and stable community, free from the drama that immature players and griefers create. Your secret code: 13iso edit: looks like your website is having mysql issues.
  3. IGN: isolatedvirus Age: 27 Country: United States of America Experience: I played tekkit for about a year before putting together my own mod pack. Used to host this modpack to 4 others on a server for about 6 months until people migrated to other video games. Reason to join: I hate large servers, and I'm looking for a smaller one with more community involvement. I'm also looking to freshen up my knowledge of tekkit after not playing for about 10 months. If the review posted is accurate, then this is the type of community I enjoy being a part of and contributing to. Outside of the in-game community I can provide support for the server, as I have experience with this and work in the IT field professionally.
  4. 26 minecraft ign: isolatedvirus i tend to avoid skype because better alternatives exist. We can discuss what would work for us, whether thats google hangouts, teamspeak, ventrillo, etc. the best way to reach me is going to be through PM on the forums, from there i'll give out my contact info.