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  1. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/plus-blue.7767 For serious cheaters only! This mod pack is designed to be unbalanced. I have always loved Minecraft 1.2.5 singleplayer. It is my favorite version of Minecraft and has all the mods I really loved in their best forms. So I have made a pack, it's not PLUS+. It has been a labor of love; I have been tweaking this for some time. It has about 101 mods and is designed to run and load quickly without too much excessive guff (but has everything important!). This pack is all about being unbalanced! Equivalent Exchange 2 (the good one) has been amped to the MAX! Ever modded item has an EMC value. There is custom ore distribution and loot tables. There are dozens of alternative crafting methods for your favorite mods. I know I played this version more than any other, and I'm tired of the constant updates. It is single player only, and as a result runs very quickly. This pack is the last version where EE2 Thaumcraft 2, and Somnia worked. This pack also includes Logistics Pipes, Teleport pipes, Computer Craft, Factorization and Redpower 2. Who needs AE? What's a Tesseract? Some notable features: -Equivalent Exchange 2! (with custom EMC!) -Custom intermod recipes! -Spawners Craftable with EMC! -Custom ore distribution! (lots more to find!) -Thaumcraft 2! -Redpower 2! -Greenstone Wire Mod! -Zeppelin Mod -Sphax PureBDCraft 64x Texture pack with addons -A functional Crafting Table III! -Laser Mod! -Somnia! -All your favorite mods in much more primitive form! (Except Industrialcraft 2, which is identical!)
  2. It could, I have no idea how it would run on a mac. Is your java up to date?
  3. Did you increase the permegen size on the launcher? If you're installing it manually did you delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar before adding stuff?
  4. Infinite Quest V0.4 http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/plus-red.7770/ http://www.mediafire.com/download/74zpkq28pqrwg96/InfiniteQuestV0.4.rar Infinite Quest is an adventure style map in the style of Daggerfall and Planescape. Starting Gear Start off as one of 10 different classes! Adventuring HUD See the names and HP creatures, check out your level and gold at a glance, find you way by minimap, see how many arrows or what effects you are under at all times! Mosters A half dozen of the best mob packs, all moderated by biome. Some areas are more challenging than others, always be prepared! NPCs/Quests Meet wandering NPCs, become the king of your own realm, build up villages and become a champion of the people! Resources Metals are slightly more uncommon, but when you find a vein it will be a huge, I hope you brought your backpack! Dungeons Battle Towers, Better Dungeons, Wizards Towers, etc. Fight your way through these dangerous places and pillage a selection of magic loot from a huge variety of mods Music Replaced all vanilla Minecraft music with a remixed Daggerfall soundtrack (http://teatimecoder.com/daggerfall-music). In addition you can find even more adventuring tunes on Records in dungeon loot! Travel the Planes Take a ride across dimensions, write a Descriptive book, or maybe walk through a strange Dimension Door, or jump through a portal to hell or the Twilight Forest! Mod List http://pastebin.com/ty6TWGnT Videos:
  5. It really doesn't matter what the trades are denominated in. I picked Diamonds because they have intrinsic value, so that if you do one of the challenges you can trade your diamonds for rewards or use them to build things. If you go to a normal Mystcraft age you will also find that I have adjusted the ore distribution to make finding wild diamonds easier in the face of 15,000 modded ores.
  6. To install the technic launcher custom pack manually just copy this into the text box "file:///C:/whateverfolder/PBlock.zip" It will install from the file on your hard drive (so long as it is in the appropriate folder)
  7. If that's true than indeed I do not have anything else to say!
  8. Indeed you can! You can also beat Myst in like 30 seconds but that is missing the entire point! I don't power my way to EMC godhood the second I am physically able; I use EE sparingly to make the other mods more fun and advance quicker.
  9. 4 hours? Where you using Somnia? (I do personally consider that cheating, but to each their own!) Was literally the first thing you built an automated darkroom and/or blazerod macerator? You have no one to blame but yourself for advancing too quickly. It is entirely possible to play EE without being tempted to make that kind of stuff.
  10. You never have "unlimited" EMC. You may have a lot you may have billions but it is still a finite number. The blocks and items in Creative have no value at all. A Diamond Block is the same as a Dirt Block, there is no difference. There is also the fact the EE2 only lets you replicate basic materials; mod items and crafted stuff requires some doing. Not so with creative. Of course this is only the top end. The beginning of EE2 is not like Creative mode at all.
  11. Plus Block is very fun for fooling around! Hmm, I've earned these Diamond Blocks what can I do today? I want to play Minecraft Fallout! I'll need a Laser Rifle, a Ripper, and some Power Armor to do this properly. Being Fallout I also bought a stack of Nukes. Just put the Diamond Blocks into the slots on the top and get your equipment. Electrical Equipment comes fully charged (recharge yourself!). Magical wands can be recharged by the repair station the the world select room. Now all I need is the Capital Wasteland. Back to the world select room. Grab some Feathers and Books and click on the handy Easy Crafting Table to craft a Descriptive Book. Once I have the book simply take it to the Writing Desk and add the necessary symbols. Green sky, wasteland, some villagers, and lots of dungeons and abandoned mineshafts. We're done, lets play! These dangerous mutants are threatening the wasteland! They need to be stopped. I can take these guys out with some nuclear warfare, prewar style! Mystcraft isn't just good for making your own worlds, it great for importing your favorite adventure maps into your world! Craft a Descriptive Book and make note of what Age number it gets assigned. Take it to your Writing Desk and give it normal feature (or whatever your want, spice up adventure maps with meteors!) and make it a Void age: Lets see! Looks pretty empty, lets fill it with something! Follow these steps: 1) Go to your .minecraft folder and find your save file 2) Inside your file there will be several sub-directories named "DIM_MYST2" DIM_MYST3" etc. Locate the one associated with the Descriptive Book you made earlier 3) Inside that directory delete the "region" folder and replace it with the "region" folder from the map you want to play. 4) Load up your save and play! *Warning you may start in an odd place; best to use creative fly where you need and make a new Linking Book* Lets see what happens when I use the book now. Alright, Cake Defense ready to go! Now I can play a few rounds with my laser gun and warp back to my base to get back to minecrafting when I'm through!
  12. I like building factories and automated systems. Creative isn't as fun. I know you and others don't feel the same way, but can you at least acknowledge that to me there is a big functional difference between EE2 and Creative mode. I keep posting here because people keep responding to me
  13. I watch 100's of hours of Direwolf20 videos; that satisfies a lot of my desires to do the boring grindy parts. It feels like I've already done a lot of the content so I prefer to only play with the parts I find most interesting. I guess You could say that's kind of how I like to play too. When Direwolf does something tedious/time consuming he cuts the video. Those cuts are where I would put EE2. I like my game to be the interesting parts.
  14. Because there are a lot of new mods and features for old mods in 1.4.6. I like playing with new toys. No I said that they foster a culture around their mod that encourages their fans to silence people who prefer EE2 (like you are doing right now, and the people in the EE3 thread are doing):
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