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  1. IGN: GJM_48 Age: 18 Something about yourself: My name is Gustavo, you can call me that or Gus, it can get a bit weird getting called GJM_48 . I usually play hours on vanilla but decided to give it another go at attack of the b team and found this server that seems to be somewhat active and not abandoned like most aotbt servers. On a side note, how many people are usually on the server on average?
  2. IGN (Minecraft name) - GJM_48 Age - 18 Why do you want to join this server? - I've been looking for an attack of the b team server where the owner still accepts apps and where people play everyday and is not abandoned. How often would you play? - A couple hours a day. Do you use Teamspeak? - Yes Any other info you feel is necessary : I'd prefer if you guys called me gus/Gustavo , since that's my name. Getting called GJM_48 can be a bit weird sometimes.
  3. spawn is awesome, the players that still play and have joined recently are amazing. But we could use more players.
  4. Ign: GJM_48 Age: 17 Time zone: Us pacific time Have you ever been banned: no How long have you played minecraft: since march 2013 Any additional information: I like the archemides ships mod.
  5. Also, I was wondering whats with the wholr splitting the applicant into 2 different servers....
  6. Sorry for the incoveniance, but my age is like 17.4 . Kind of forgot that because everyone always claims that im 18 and hanging out with people that are few months older than me making them 18.Let me know if anything changes.
  7. Ifn: GJM_48 Age: 18 What country do you live in: USA Do you have skype? Yes but rarely use it Do you have teamspeak: yes Will you be streaming or uploading: no Do you enjoy building or just playing: both actually Acceptance of server rules: i accept the rules
  8. Ign: GJM_48 Why you should be accepted: I have been looking for a good AOTBT server since March and havent had any luck. What mod do you plan to focus on: Flans and archemides What do you like doing the most in Mc: Exploring
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