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  1. I tried that with the 125 mg cells and it didnt work, does it have to be the 1 gram ones? --EDIT-- Just tried it with the 1 gram cell and that didnt work, is my tekkit bugged, or is it because im playing on a server?
  2. So, being fairly new, im kind of a noob. Ive just made my first 125 milligrams of antimatter and other than using it to make 1 gram cells, and even after i get one gram cells, i cant figure out what theyre used for, they arent used in any crafting recepies and i cant right click the 125 milligram cell. Am I doing something wrong or do they not do any thing in this version? Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. @Digdug83 Thanks for the tip, ill give it a try -Edit- I tried that but it didnt work, so i just set the control rods to 30% to cap the out put to 9700 RF/t
  4. So, being fairly new to tekkit, this is the first time ive built a particle accelerator. Everywhere i read it said that the minimum size of the accelerator has to be atleast 30x30, so i made the inside ring a 30x30, meaning its a little bit bigger When i give it power and turn it on it goes up to 85% really quickly then keeps going back and forth from 85% to 83% Thats what it looks like, i have no idea what's wrong, if anyone could help, that'd be awesome
  5. So, I'm a bit new to tekkit, and in my survival world i recently built a particle accelerator that's 33x33 on the outer edge, and to power it i built a large reactor from big reactors. Now, my reactor outputs over 11,000 RF/t and the Redstone Energy Conduits from Thermal Expansion 3 can only carry 10,000 RF/t and i was wondering if there was a way to transfer more than 10,000 RF/t, or if theres another way to set it all up so its using all the power the reactor is outputting.
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