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  1. Status: Online View here. I will be playing the Technic modpack.
  2. My server is no longer whitelisted, feel free to join if you wish.

  3. http://www.livestream.com/ag2u Livestream here. Current Members. Ajlittle Anonymousgirl2u
  4. Hello, I was wondering how do you backup your world on your tekkit server? The problem is when I stop/restart the server it reverts to an old "save" of the server, which causes problems. I have plugins that give me the ability to backup the world with /backup but those seem not to work. I also do /save-all and it still doesn't work, any suggestions on how to fix this without having my players to get heavily rolled back every time I restart the server?
  5. Hey, I am doing a livestream over the ever so popular game Team Fortress 2. The link is here. livestream.com/ajlittle12
  6. Hello, I have not so recently decided to make a video on how to setup a tekkit server! Link. Just to let you know, it took me about an hour to make sure I didn't mess up any words in the whole video. ©
  7. The spawn on my server is made of sandstone. :/ and people with the philosophers stone can change it all into gravel. Is there a way to remove that function of the philosophers stone?
  8. Hello there, redpower doesn't work on my tekkit server. :S I can place down the blocks but everything I do with them does not work. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Also, trans tablets are broken too. :/
  9. I acutally fixed it, it was an issue with me typing /reload in the console.
  10. Doesn't work for me. Says block 177 is occupied by another slot :S
  11. I am doing both, and I know drag and drop does not work.
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